Image of the PL 300 Paperboard Lid Forming Machine

PL 300

2-Piece Paperboard Lid Forming Machine

Built upon decades of engineering expertise and service, the PL 300 features unrivaled flexibility and agility to quickly produce durable 2-piece convolute paperboard lids—opening new opportunities for the services you provide.

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Image of the PL 100 Paperboard Lid Forming Machine

PL 100

1-Piece Paperboard Lid Forming Machine

Powered by Bosch® servo motors for each station, the compact PL100 1-piece paper board lid forming machine enables you to create customized snap-lock lids, straw holes, and more with more efficiency and flexibility than ever before. It’s a sustainable solution to replace plastic lids for many packaging options.

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Inline 2001S

Cup and Container Forming Machine with Added Edge Protection

Packing productivity into a smaller space and allowing you to expand into the paper product market, the Inline 2001S Cup Forming and Edge Protection Machine is an all-in-one platform that combines a cup forming machine with an edge protection machine—delivering the next step in the PMC line of our entirely servo-driven, state-of-the-art machines.

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