Your opportunity to enter new markets

With both minor and significant changes happening across every industry, the PL 100 meets the same exacting quality standards you would expect from the global leader in paper forming machinery and allows you to efficiently produce high-quality 1-piece paper lids—providing an opportunity for you to expand your product portfolio.


Expanding your product portfolio

Powered by Innovation

  • Global developments across all industries are opening up new opportunities in packaging.
  • There’s increasing demand to replace plastic lids for a wide variety of packaged goods—from cold drink beverages to dry goods and snack foods.
  • Companies need high-quality, durable paperboard lids in a variety of shapes in sizes that securely fit to cups and containers.

Our Standard

The PMC Way

Setting the Standard

  • PMC is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of advanced forming machines for high-performance paperboard cups, containers, and custom packages. 
  • Our forward-thinking engineers and highly trained technicians leverage advanced software and state-of-the-art machining centers to produce machines that meet our exacting standards and the need for efficient, versatile, and sustainable products.
Our Solution

PL 100

1-Piece Paperboard Lid Forming Machine

Compact. Efficient. Versatile.