PL 300

2-Piece Paperboard Lid Forming Machine

Flexible. Efficient. Quality.

Image of the PL 300 Paperboard Lid Forming Machine

Servo Platform

  • Each step in the forming process is controlled by an individual Bosch servo motor—simplifying the mechanical complexity of station design and providing more feedback on machine operation.
  • Built on the same servo platform as the 2500S cup forming machine, the production floor footprint required is far smaller than that needed for a spiral wound lid.

Sidewall Infeed

  • Options available for either blank-fed or roll-fed infeed platforms for ease of implementation with printed graphics 
  • Servo-driven infeed controls the sidewall unwind 
  • Sidewall die can be up to 22″ (558mm) in length 
  • The platen cutter is equipped with a steel rule die, with the cutting and creasing process performed in a single station—helping to facilitate a zero paper waste system*

 *available with roll-fed infeed only

Disc Maker

  • Produce lids for paperboard cups or containers of various shapes and sizes up to 48 oz. 
  • Roll stock is registered and fed through the registration system 
  • Process can be configured for either roll-fed or blank-fed
  • Supports both offset and flexo printed material for enhanced graphic quality

Push Incurl, Crimping & Finishing

  • Push incurl station used to push the sidewall over, sealing it to the lid disk, and helping to maintain graphic quality
  • Crimper station is a reverse expander and will create the nesting feature to allow for easy stacking and storage
  • Various finishing options available including rolled, crimped, and smooth edge to achieve the final aesthetic of the lid
  • Standard bottom finish station is used for round lids and an expanded finish station is used for non-round lids

Vacuum Transfer

  • Allows for increased control to produce shorter style lids as it transfers the lid from the mandrel turret to the finish turret
  • Using a combination of a vacuum and simple stripper station, the lid is mechanically transferred from the mandrel into the pocket in preparation to finish the edge of each lid

Final Forming & Sealing

  • Push incurl and expander stations are used to fold the rim inward and seal the lid
  • Snap-and-lock feature available for the inside of the lip to ensure a secure fit to cup or container

Lid Discharge

Conveyor system will expel lids from the machine, hitting a bar and flipping right side up prior to being placed on the conveyor

HMI Control Panel

Complete control of the production process, temperature, and air pressure settings through a fully integrated PLC control panel

Image of the PL 300 Paperboard Lid Forming Machine

PL 300

Key Features

  • Built on servo platform to minimize footprint and avoid time-consuming process
  • Produces lids at speeds up to 170 per minute
  • Delivers unmatched flexibility and agility to create lids in multiple shapes and sizes for use with cups and containers up to 48 oz.
  • Optimized for use with printed graphics with roll-fed and blank-fed infeed options available
  • Offers various finishing options including rolled, crimped, or smooth edge
  • Snap-and-lock feature ensures a secure fit to the cup or container
  • Remote VPN connection for service and troubleshooting
  • Access to in-depth training materials
  • Full lifecycle support with access to parts purchasing
  • Industry-leading 24/7 service and support
Image of the PL 300 Paperboard Lid Forming Machine