PWM 200

Paper Winding Machine

Efficient. Reliable. Innovative.


  • Creates strong, 1- to 4-ply straws that won’t collapse in use
  • 8-roll capacity, fitting rolls up to 1M in diameter, helping minimizing roll changes
  • Ergonomic roll changes with a lever release of pneumatic air chuck and servo roll lift
  • Precise low roll detection helps maximize production uptime

Splicing and Web Flow

  • Automated roll splicing allows for continuous production during roll changes
  • Easy access splice unit and high capacity festoon are sensor activated for uninterrupted production
  • Comprehensive servo-controlled web feeding enables precise speed and tension control for consistent winding

Glue System

  • Up to 40% less glue consumption as compared to a glue bath system
  • Extruded glue application allows for precise control to each web independently for reduced contamination and clean-up
  • Distributes glue in conjunction with machine speed for maximum glue control
  • Glue nozzle rotates for easy cleaning


  • Dual servo winding drums maintain precision speed and tension through winding mandrels
  • Loose web detection helps reduce waste and prevents damage to machine
  • Hardened winding components improve durability for long-term use
  • FDA approved winding band


  • Straw registration sensors automatically adjust cutting for equal lengths, helping minimize scrap and eliminating nubs
  • Servo driven support rollers enable constant flow of straw during cutting process
  • Ability to use different materials with adjustable cutting pressure settings
  • Single setup fixture for fast knife adjustment

HMI PLC Control Panel

Complete control of the machine and production process, including adjustment of the line speed, web tension control, independent glue head control, etc., all happen at the fully integrated PLC control panel.

PWM 200

Key Features

  • Creates strong 1- to 4-ply straws
  • Roll-fed with 8-roll capacity minimizes roll changes
  • Automated roll splicing for continuous production during changes
  • Built on servo platform for precise cutting that leads to reduced scraps
  • Optimizes straw quality through servo-controlled web feeding
  • Up to 40% less glue consumption with water-soluble glues
  • Remote VPN connection for service and troubleshooting
  • Access to in-depth training materials
  • Full lifecycle support with access to parts purchasing
  • Industry-leading 24/7 service and support